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About Us

Our Mission

Winnersville Community Center exists to help people find God by creating environments that improve the quality of life in individuals by developing a healthy MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT!




CrossFit Winnersville

CrossFit Winnersville is a WCC partner in ministry. CrossFit Winnersville is a CrossFit affiliate that meets inside WCC. Our goal is to be physically prepared for all the challenges that life may throw at us. We will increase your athletic ability by covering all aspects of fitness.


We offer Nutritional Coaching as well as provide Health and Wellness seminars and challenges periodically that exists to educate the community on proper nutrition as well as ways to stay active and healthy. For information about how to obtain a Nutritional Coach, contact Polly Barcol.

What We Offer!

CrossFit, CrossFit Kids, YoBilityFit, CrossFit101, Nutritional Coaching, and Personalized Training!

Check Us Out!

Crossfit Winnersville offers something for everyone. For more information go to the CrossFit Winnersville website or email Kelly Barcol!

Life Ministires

Life Ministries Valdosta is a WCC partner in ministry. Our mission is to equip believers to live life to the fullest (John 10:10).

Life Coaching

A catalyst for personal growth. Life Coaching is a monthly one on one relationship with your coach who helps you discover your potential.

Life Mentoring

Finding freedom and joy with Christ as our life. (Galatians 2:20). Life Mentoring is a weekly one on one relationship with your mentor who leads you in freeing truths about who you are and who God is.

Life Training

Training in the Exchanged Life to become a Life Mentor is a year long training with class meeting weekly led by Polly Barcol.


For more information about Life Mentoring and Life Coaching go to the Life Ministries Valdosta website or email Polly Barcol!

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